Why you should hire a copywriter

Why you should hire a copywriter

Copywriting is an often overlooked yet invaluable skill and is required for producing any form of marketing material, whether that’s a newsletter, a website article, social media captions, leaflets or brochures. The truth of the matter is that all forms of marketing material will have some kind of copywriting content involved to engage potential customers, build a following and add a voice to a brand. The value and importance of copywriting in the digital world has now become significant now more than ever.

According to studies by Conductor, consumers were over 130% more likely to make a purchase after reading engaging content provided from a particular brand. Storytelling is by far one of the most effective forms of marketing, and copywriting allows you to do exactly just that.
However, copywriting can be a very time-consuming task, more so than what most may initially expect, especially when it comes to consistently creating and writing unique yet entertaining content. Additionally, if you’re looking to sell a product or a service, you will most likely be looking for ways to search engine optimise your content in order to drive organic traffic to your webpages. Whatever query or concern it is that you may have, professional copywriters can look to meet any writing-related requirements you have in mind so that you can put your mind at ease knowing that your content is being taken care of to the highest standard.

Hiring a professional copywriter can help you build and grow your business in many ways, and we go over some of the many benefits of hiring a copywriter below. Keep reading to find out more…

1) Frees up Your Time

As you may have expected, hiring a professional copywriter will mean that you will have more time and energy throughout the day to focus on other aspects of your business, whether that’s your website, social media or fulfilling orders etc. Copywriting can take up a considerable amount of your time, but experienced copywriters on the other hand focus on content writing as a profession, so will already be equipped with all the skills and resources to produce the perfect article for you within your required timeframes. Overall, assigning any content writing task to a more experienced copywriter is a lot more straightforward and simple than attempting to write a piece of content yourself, and it frees up more time in your day that you can use on other things.

2) Engaging Content Consistently Produced

Professional copywriters are experienced in consistently writing and producing audience-focused, unique and engaging content, and will write to whatever requirements it is you may have. They can write to any desired word count, fit a certain style or tone (whether that’s friendly, chatty or technical), and include any SEO keywords you are hoping to implement in the article. Some copywriters will also primarily focus on specific niches, so will already have the industry knowledge required to write certain topics that may fall within your niche of choice.

3) Fresh Content Ideas

Coming up with fun and relevant ideas 24/7 can be challenging when content writing isn’t your area of expertise. You have to constantly be on the lookout for trends, think about what users are searching for, do research on common keyword search terms to optimise your website etc. However, when requested, some copywriters will offer suggestions to you or actively come up with topics that they could write about if you’re out of ideas. Copywriters may take inspiration from competitor websites or focus on recently trending topics to help drive organic traffic to your website from users who are already searching for these kinds of articles. Additionally, copywriters can help you to stand out from other websites or brands by adding a new perspective and voice on a commonly spoken-about topic, leading to conversation starters, new interactions and relationships built. This as a result helps you to avoid duplicate or similar content which can otherwise be repetitive and lead to loss of engagement, deterring visitors. 

4) Your Content is Proofread

If proofreading isn’t your strong point, you can leave the content writing to a professional copywriter who will not only produce written content for you, but will also make sure to double check and proofread for any punctuation, spelling or grammatical errors which otherwise you may have not have easily picked up on. Experienced copywriters will have great attention to detail as well as impeccable proofreading skills, ensuring your articles are always blogpost and website ready.

5) Features your Products or Services

Copywriters can implement any of your products or services in your articles as part of your requirements, essentially killing two birds with one stone by writing an article on a trending topic that happens to feature a product or service you may be selling. You can decide on how you want them to execute this, whether that might be utilising persuasive and descriptive language, or by creating educational content that provides value to the reader. Additionally, copywriters will by default have an unbiased view on the products or services that you’re selling,  so can give a different perspective and outlook on your products as a whole which viewers will appreciate and be able to relate to.

6) Creates Content that Drives Traffic

Producing content that’s search engine optimised is fundamental when creating any form of marketing material created to promote a product or a service. Copywriters will look to research on frequently searched keywords or questions, and implement these throughout your article to best achieve organic traffic that will drive sales, and reach an audience that resonates with your business.

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