How 360-degree video tours can sell your property

How 360-degree video tours can sell your property

Though most realtors and brokers may already be aware, video tours in comparison to photos when it comes to presenting property tend to perform significantly better both marketing and search engine optimisation wise. Video tours offer a great return on investment and can be a powerful tool for homeowners looking to sell their property as quickly as possible. The video just needs to be filmed once and can be used over and over, getting attention even whilst you sleep so you’re always passively working on selling your property with even minimal effort required.

360-degree videos goes a step beyond the average video, creating an immersive and engaging experience for the viewer without breaking the bank. Creating 360-degree virtual property tours is one of the best forms of marketing for displaying a home in the best possible limelight. Most professional 360-degree videographers will use a 360-degree camera designed specifically for shooting 360-degree videos since it doesn’t require much setting up and is a relatively simpler process overall. 360-degree cameras are usually made up of two wide lenses that film content in all directions simultaneously to create the appearance of a full rotational shot. It’s now considered the next best thing to a house viewing, especially more relevant now as businesses adjust to becoming more digitised whilst being restricted by social distancing measures as a result of the pandemic in 2020.

Below we go over some ways in which 360-degree videos can help you sell your property quicker than before you know it! Keep reading to find out more.

Comprehensive Tour of the Home

Potential homebuyers will experience a virtual tour of the property as if they’re physically present at a viewing, whilst being in the comfort of their own home and being able to watch the video freely in their own time. They’ll be able to view each room in whichever perspective or view they want, whether that’s facing the window, facing the door, from the ceiling etc. More importantly, homebuyers will be able to get a more accurate understanding of size and space compared to just the standard two-dimensional wide lens snapshot photo of a room. Buyers can begin understand the ambience of a space from a 360-degree video alone much better than just from a standard photo or video, which is why tools like Google My Business now even support the upload of 360-degree videos.

Immersive and Engaging Experience

360-degree videos allow viewers to actively interact with the video by having a control that allows them to swivel the video to focus on certain areas of the house or room, providing more engagement from the viewer compared to having them stare aimlessly at a normal video which they’re likely spent all day doing already on other listings. Additionally, standard videos will usually only film with one perspective per room.

Filters Out Buyers That Aren’t Serious

Having a 360-degree video tour of your home can reduce the likelihood of people showing up to viewings who weren’t looking for exactly what you were offering. If homebuyers later still want to book a viewing in person with you having viewed the 360-degree video, it’s a greater chance that they’re seriously considering purchasing the property

More Creative Than Usual Videos

Social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube had only started supporting 360-degree videos from 2015, so they’re still considered relatively new and surprisingly not that many real estate listings have taken advantage of this concept. Implementing a 360-degree house tour video in your listing will allow you stand out from the crowd and rise above other competitor listings in the market.

Big Return on Investment

Buying property is one of the biggest investment people make in their lives, so naturally homebuyers will want to know every detail of the property they’re looking to consider. Likely, homebuyers will also be sending the video to family and friends for a second opinion, gaining you organic traffic which will increase your search engine optimisation.

Additionally, homebuyers can also save screenshots of the video after carefully navigating it around to focus on a perspective of the house they want to remember or compare with other listings. Having this linger on the homebuyer’s mind increases their likelihood of wanting to view the property in person. The rule of 7 has become relevant in consumer psychology as it is believed that buyers will see a product listing or advertisement at least 7 times before making the decision to purchase.

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